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Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's so good to have Lahore's skies drizzling over us. I've been praying for this kind of weather ever since winters started. Alhamdolilah finally it's here and hopefully for long. Today's a Sunday evening with a pleasant weather, the circumstances are spelling out 'festivity' but unfortunetly nobody at my house is spirited enough to indulge in any sort of merry-making.

In other news, our fridge broke down and now smells of vegetables, fruits, rotten bits of food and yogurt are wafting through the house. Air freshners are nothing but a tender consolatory pat; they do no good, they clean no air, they just sit stoically sporting a fashionable fruit scent label. Nothing beats fresh air coming directly from the window.

Just a while ago, I applied a teeth-whitening gel on my teeth and now they're gleaming like stars! I hope the shine is permanent!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You know, there are times in your life when you want to re-evaluate everything that you've ever done. All the actions and choices that you've taken up intentionally or unintentionally, out of force or choice. Because if you do not monitor yourself and throw yourself down for everyone to pick at and make assumptions about, you get very close to believing those assumptions. In other words, you loiter just inches away from being a hypocrite without even quite realising it. So constant thought and reminders are necessary for everyone to stay on the track.

I started out with a simple act because I thought it was what Allah wanted and I did it for Him alone. But after years and years of practising, it became just another ritual that I went through to go by my day and the seal of 'true purpose' was worn out by other trivialities. You could be sporting a 3 feet long beard and a topi on the head but this outward religious baggage bears little importance when weighed in comparison with the 'essence' behind these acts. And if one thing Shytan's an expert at, its rusting our beliefs. Silently and slowly, he feeds on, making as little noise and chaos as possible, but working on to create disasters that last. Every day, from morning till night, we carry through so many obligations and deeds, but without putting much thought. Practise makes perfect but what good is perfect when its without consciousness. Actions are not done for the sake of activity. Rather the point is to make a premeditated choice, and every time favouring Allah above all.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I was thinking about something today and the little extra blog surfing has managed to fuel me with motivativation just enough to make me write. I've always been more of a reader than a writer. And this thought helps me to justify my laziness. Anyway, a few days ago a very good of friend of mine invited me over a little dholki-cum-get together at her place. The first reaction that went inside my head was a curvy no. I generally avoid going to mehndis and dholkis because of the haram nature of such occasions. That is so because I believe music to be forbidden in Islam. You can fight and argue all you want but thats what I chose to believe. If you've had any experience of attending such parties, you would know that the chief ingredient is music and dance. So this cuts off the deal and makes that place out-of-bounds for me. I attended one such function some time ago and felt that I must be the most foolish person on earth. If I don't support it then what on earth was I doing sitting there with everyone else... looking on.

I'm completely against putting unnecessary restrictions on myself that are actually quite halal in Islam. But how can I justify my attending such a party? Most of the invitees are going but a few who aren't have got another similar function to attend. No one that I know has refused because of the above mentioned reason. I'm not trying to come out as the martyr by flaunting my story of sacrificing a potentially enjoyable evening. My point is that...Islam has become strange for people. If I tell people that I shall not be dancing along with them on their eve of happiness, they'd be slightly offended or worst still they would think of me as a Miss-Attitude.

I think alot about standing my own ground...actually all the time. I know its always a struggle and thats why something is more rewarding but sometimes it becomes a burden. I have to duck out my way every time such an invitation is extended. Its not that the temptation is weiging me down but...why is it even such a big problem?

I love her alot for the person she is and she has never done anything, not even once, not in any manner, to hurt or humiliate me and for that I'm really thankful but there are times when I want her to be more action-oriented.

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Imperial College London has banned niqab

The dress code states that “employees and students should refrain from wearing clothing which obscures the face such as a full or half veil”. Muslim women, who observe the niqab, believe it to be a significant element of their religious identity, and do so as they believe it to be their religious obligation. By banning the niqab, this dress code policy is a direct infringement on freedom of religion afforded under British and European law.

Furthermore, since the beginning of this term, Muslim student and staff have had previous provisions for Friday congregational prayers taken away, without alternative permanent provisions being provided. This is unacceptable. We will not stand by and allow for basic rights to be denied to Muslim students.


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