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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Having so much free time these days, I decided to indulge in my favourite pass time of crawling the cyber world and devouring historical information. Google is a true blessing and one that is not disguised. It has educated me in the true send of the word. I owe most, if not all of my awarness to Google.

Having read in the Quran, about the destroyed nations of the past that disobeyed Allah, I have always been interested in seeing the ruins of those cities. It has been said that Allah preserved remnants of the wreckage so that believers may learn from the mistakes of those before them. With this in mind, I set upon finding information about the nations of Aad and Thamud. Surely, there must be something of worth on the internet. I came upon a set of pictures of an ancient temple in Jordan called Petra. The name didn't mean anything to me, I had never even heard of it.

"Petra is the treasure of ancient world, hidden behind an almost impenetrable barrier of rugged mountains, boasting incomparable scenes that make it the most majestic and imposing ancient site still-standing nowadays. It has been said 'perhaps there is nothing in the world that resembles it', actually, for sure, there is nothing in the world that resembles it. The rock-carved rose-red city of Petra is full of mysterious charm, it was 'designed to strike wonder into all who entered it'."

But as far as the picture was concerned, it was breathtakingly beautiful. The temple, according to my search was carved out of rocks. This meant something because the people of one of the destroyed nations also used to carve houses out of rocks. This could be the ruins of the destroyed city mentioned in the Quran but I wasn't quite sure until I came upon this very interesting website. Please take a look at it.

Signs for the men of understanding

But before you go there, read this information that I got off another website :

The summary below has been drawn from the verses of Quran. I'm just quoting a few of them here but for further referance, please read the Quran.

Do you build on every high place a symbol, for the sake of vanity! And you take for yourselves strongholds, perhaps you will live forever? And if you attack, you strike ruthlessly?” (The Message 26:128-130)

“Did you not see what your Lord did to ‘Aad? Irum, with the great columns? The one which was like no other in the land? And Thamud who carved the rocks in the valley?” (The Message 89:6-9)

And recall that He made you (Thamud) successors after ‘Aad, and He established you in the land so that you make palaces on its plains, and you carve homes in the mountains. So recall God’s grace, and do not roam the Earth as corrupters.” (The Message 7:74)

And Thamud who carved the rocks in the valley?” (The Message 89:9)

And ‘Aad and Thamud (were annihilated). Much was made apparent to you from their dwellings. The devil had adorned their works in their eyes, thus he diverted them from the path, even though they could see.” (The Message 29:38)

'Aad' - People of Hud (AS)

1. Inherited the land after Noah (7:69);
2. Powerful Nation (41:15);
3. Homes are still visible (29:38);
4. Alters were built on 'High-Points' (26:128);
6. Main City 'Irum' boasts great columns (89:6-9).

'Thamud' - People of Saleh.

1. Inherited the land after 'Aad (7:74);
2. Homes carved out of mountain (7:74);
3. Is a Continuation of the Empire of 'Aad (53:50-51);
4. Situated in a Valley (89:9);
5. Military Community (85:17-18);
6. Provisions of water and gardens available (26:147-149);
7. Homes still standing (29:38).

Conclusion for ‘Aad & Thamud:

All the information found in the Quran draws us to one single finding:

‘Aad & Thamud have continued after one another IN-THE-SAME place.
There are only two places in the Middle East that have distinct stone carvings (we chose Middle East because that is where civilization first began after the Earth's re-birth in Mesopotamia, and where the Arabs and Arabic language originated from - 26:195):

1.Medien Saleh - Northern Arabia;
2.Petra - South of Dead Sea.

Although both places are remnants of the 'Nabataean' Kingdom (the fathers of the Arabs), our research eliminates 'Medien Saleh' as being the central city for the following reasons:

* Medien Saleh has 'tombs' carved out of the rock, whereas Scripture tells us they carved 'homes' (7:74);
*Medien Saleh is situated in a 'flat-land' with 'rock-peaks' around it. The Scripture tells us to look for a 'Valley' (89:9);
*Medien Saleh has no water water source to host crops and gardens, while Petra has an advanced water system used for irrigation (26:147-148).

Thus we are left with 'Petra' which fits all our clues for being 'Irum' with the Great Columns (89:6-9):

Petra also happens to be situated in a 'Valley' (89:9) and is well described by all archeologists as being a 'Military Complex' (85:17-18). Also, an 'advanced' hydraulic water system was in place with the walls of the narrow entrance 'Siq' lined with channels (originally fitted with chamfered clay pipes of efficient design) to carry drinking water to the city, while a dam to the right of the entrance diverted an adjoining stream through a tunnel to prevent it flooding the Siq (26:147-149). Petra has only recently been attracting archeological excavations; however, excavations have only been done on less than 2% of the ancient city. According to some archeological research, Petra dates back to 3,500 BC:

"In Abraham’s time, Petra was known as Salah. It is located in the mountains of Seir, the land of the Edomites. Petra is the Greek name for Sela, or Selah, a city of ancient Edom. The Hebrew word sela means "lofty, craggy rock, fortress, stronghold, cliff."

The site of Petra seems to indicate the presence of multiple civilizations, the last of which were the Nabateans (Arabs) and the Romans (Byzantines) upto the 6th century A.D. when it was struck by a devastating earthquake in 551 A.D. and the city fell out of use.

Thus, in conclusion to this part of the research, it can be said with some certainty that the ancient city of Petra is indeed the location where the civilizations of ‘Aad and Thamud once lived and flourished.

posted by Niqabi at 9:44 AM


Anonymous sid said...

Mashallah. a wonderful work of research. i have a lot to learn from you. I have only recently started reading the Quran's translation and dont have as much knowledge of this history as i would have liked.
will keep checkin back for more. :)

10:55 PM

  Blogger ATY said...

uff...tell me u copy-pasted that from somewhere...waise u are so keen on this that it really doesn't matter...i luv this kinda history too...but like all my interests, i dun rly get time 4 it

12:52 PM

  Anonymous DigiN said...

AssalaamuAlaikum Niqabi! Interesting stuff--I love how you synthesized all that information into one article. Mashallah! Keep it up--I want more, more, more!!! :)

3:02 PM

  Blogger Umar said...

on a slightly similar note,
I'm taking a course at school called the Living Body.

It's so amazing learning about the intricacies (sp?) of the human body and how much goes on that we don't know about.

It's surprising that with all this knowledge, people deny the idea of a Creator and instead believe in evolution.

10:44 PM

  Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed indeed..it goes for a toast!may Allah give all of us such an enthusiasm and insight!

10:59 PM

  Blogger Niqabi said...

Sid: Jazakallah for the encouraging words. Insha'Allah I hope I keep finding the time:)

Aty: Yes, parts of the post are copy/pasted as I mentioned in the post; 'But before you go there, read this information that I got off another website '. Thanks for dropping by though:)

Digin:Walykumusalaam sis! Jazakallah :) Yes and 'synthesize' is the correct word :) Insha'Allah hopefully more will come.

Umar: Yes i think your spellings were correct. Unfortunetly, I've never had the chance to study biology but I can imagine it to be deeply interesting.
People probably believe in evolution because that way they don't have to deal with this unseen 'creator'. Because if they do believe in a creator, they will then have to 'explain' something that is not quite tangible. On the other hand, they can conveniently satisfy themselves by saying that its just an evolutionary process without the workings of a mysterious hand. Thats what I think.

Anonymous: Ameen, though the comment was very flattering.

2:00 AM

  Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you... i can use ur info for my paper work.. u've done a great job!

11:47 PM

  Blogger umair said...

great work sister.. Infact, I was looking forward to do something exactly like this but found your write up.. couldn't have done better than this.. I have been doing research on Petra and just saw a whole documentary on it on the Hisotry channel. I can enlighten us all with some more info inshallah.

10:40 PM

  Anonymous Anonymous said...

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Sister
Very good work indeed. Masha-Allah.
Ramadhaan Mubarak to everyone who visits here.

I am not a geologist, or historian and professor etc.

My research is humble and the only words of real reference that I followed are the actual verses in the Quran that inspired me to learn more about them.

I feel that Allah leaves certain clues in teh Quran for mankind to pursue if we wanted to... I really want to.

Sister, I am trying to research the lands of juj and Majuj for about 3 months now. I have a theory about where and why they would be there. - My findings are overwhelming -to me, but I know it requires a closer look by people that have deeper knowledge of the areas I examined.

I would like to post the information but if I am wrong than I would mislead a lot of people and ultimately earn a lot of Gunnah (sin) on myself.

Only if you are serious, I would share this research with you, but not to be posted here until 100% verified.

Jazkallah for your time. We can communicate for now over this blog, but any material I have written must stay confindential.

I am not secretive becasue its like this Top Secret Government stuff like the movies, its just to avoid misleading people with wrong information if there is any in my theories. - Allah Knows Best!

1:57 AM

  Blogger Niqabi said...

Wa alaikumusalam Anonymous:

Ramadhan Mubarek to you too. I am checking my blog after months so forgive me for taking so long to reply.

I would love to read any research findings regarding the location of yajuj majuj.

Would it be possible for you to email me your findings/theory at niqabified@gmail.com? That would be greatly appreciated.

Nothing will be posted-for the record I have stopped blogging any way- and will be kept strictly confidential.

Hope to hear from you soon.


12:33 PM

  Blogger Shefki said...

Jazak Allah khair for that interesting insight into one of those special reminders on the face of the earth ... May Allah increase your intelligence and memory, sharpen your brains and take you all the way to Jannath-ul Firdous and all of us as well. Aameen !!

5:26 AM

  Blogger Shefki said...

Jazak Allah khair for that interesting insight into one of those special reminders on the face of the earth ... May Allah increase your intelligence and memory, sharpen your brains and take you all the way to Jannath-ul Firdous and all of us as well. Aameen !!

5:27 AM

  Anonymous Mohommed RIzwan said...

I think thats rubbish!!!. Just giving examples of ruins around the world and telling it is like this coz it is written already in Quran doesnt makes any sense. I am a theologist and I have read meany records. I had complete evidence that Aad, Thamud could be persons about same time as Prophet Muhammad. To be honest Incidents of Aad, Thamud and Saleh can only be found in Quran, not in TOrah or Bible which is another proof that Jordans petra is not one tht is mentioned in Quran. People like you do half research and think you are men of understanding and wise. May be you do little more of research..


1:52 AM

  Anonymous Anonymous said...

6/13/08: There is a nabatean city in Saudi Arabia...located on the NW side above Medina. We were there in the 80's and the ruins were similar to Petra (not as beautiful) but also not being kept. Does anyone have more information why this place is not listed on the trade routes or anywhere? It should be photographed and saved or at least remembered by photographs. We were told at that time that it was Madinah Selah.

5:42 PM

  Anonymous Mohommed Rizwan said...

Thats the one in Saudi Arabia which is real stage for story in Quran for thamud. It was habitated until the time of Muhammad. The reason it is not shown on trade route or any maps is simply coz many saudis believe that this place is cursed as is specified in quran also regarding event happened there. Peoples there even discourages tourists from going over to these ruins. But importantly, there had been no large scale disaster or event like that happened as written in quran. May be those nabateans left this place coz of changes in environment causing economic scarsity.

3:35 AM

  Anonymous Mohommed Rizwan said...

Peoples who are looking for Large camel send by Saleh might read one interesting article on link below:


But I wont advice peoples to directly jump to conclusion if you are believers.

3:59 AM

  Anonymous Anonymous said...


modern petra!

11:07 AM

  Anonymous Anonymous said...


To 'Anonymous' wanting to reseach Juj Majooj and has theories on where they might be. There is no benefit that can be derived from this knowledge.

Additionally, Allah (swt) says in the Qur'an that Dhul Qarnain was given the ability to erect a barrier between them and us - therefore, no one will be able to find them, see them, locate them or access any information about them.

Just some naseehah.

6:28 AM

  Blogger Striving for Inner Peace said...

First of all, Jazaki Allah khairan, the information that you have provided here is perfect for the research I have been doing on Petra. YAY!
Secondly, I commend you on your utilization of time and the internet! mashaAllah.
May Allah (s.w.t) guide us all.
Your sister,

2:08 AM

  Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:16 AM

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  Anonymous Niqabified said...

Assalamualaikum everyone!

I'm so surprised this blog is still up and few people even read it!

Jazakallah for all the comments. I wish I had that sort of time to update now as I've got two kids :) But insha'Allah, I just might get on to it again.

Please do leave you names or weblinks so I can get back.


11:47 AM

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  Anonymous Anonymous said...

We know that the Thamud inhabited Arabia and that their dwellings can be found at Mada'in Saleh in northern Saudi Arabia because of a hadith that states this (when the Prophet passed this area on his way to the battle of Tabook, he mentioned this area as being the place that Thamud inhabited).

It is possible that they inhabited the area from northern Saudi Arabia (Mada'in Saleh) all the way up to Petra.

4:55 AM

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