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Monday, June 05, 2006

MSN nick

'The wind is blowing hard through the window but I, burning in hell cannot feel it'

This is my 12 year-old sister's MSN nick. A little more search in the dark corners of our pc revealed further quotes by her, one of them is:

'I want people to like me for who I am but what I am is COMPLICATED to tell...'

This is shocking, to say the least. I'm worried.

posted by Niqabi at 6:41 AM


Anonymous sid said...

thats normal for a 14 year old but 12 is too young to be talking like that. talk to her. but be very careful.make sure ure not invading her personal space or shell get more aggressive.

12:10 PM

  Blogger Niqabi said...

yeah...I guess you're right. I'll do what needs to be done :)

12:30 PM

  Anonymous Anonymous said...

she is a poet leave her alone

1:22 PM

  Anonymous DigiN said...

Well, at the rate kids are maturing these days, they could give US advice. Its sad, but I think its nothing worrying or talking about is really going to fix...but do keep the communication channels open.

Love your blog, by the way, mashallah!!! :)

8:49 PM

  Blogger Arianuz said...

My 13 year old sister's nick : " I have a nose , do you? "
I was like WHATT !

5:56 AM

  Blogger Niqabi said...


You better start bloggin again!

Digin: I know, kids these days *rolls eyes*, lol. Thats a typical aunty style responce! But I don't disagree with it. I'm gonna try to talk but in the most subtle ways, insha'Allah

Jazakallah for the appreciation:)

Arianuz: hahahhaa, wow now thats what we call beyond 'deep'! lol.
Thanks for droppin by :)

12:37 PM

  Blogger Arianuz said...

My two cents about your blog. Read it for the first time when you posted about your statement of entry. I hate high schools, just today I went to my school's A level dean and he started shouting at his secretary " why you let people in ! you don't know how busy I am" and then " Hello Zunaira, what? I am busy"
He is a moron, sorry for venting here.
Oh my two cents : I love your blog. I was very interested in history and politics once. Now I am reading some histories books and guess my love for it is coming back.

4:34 AM

  Blogger Hasnain said...

Hi Niqabi, after a long time :)

What she wrote is a little deep for her age, as sid said, but at the same time, it's very beautifully written. Insha Allah this phase of hers will pass, but she seems to be a poet at heart :)

12:47 AM

  Blogger Uzer S. said...

Now that everyone is doing it, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this is *probably* normal. After all what is the difference, really, between a 12 year old and a 14 year old? (My USMLE Step 1 Kaplan course agrees with me heh).

Having said that you're in an exponentially better position to judge as opposed to us who know your sister from two of her MSN nicks.

And, just because it's probably normal doesn't you mean no one can help her through. There's a host of things that could be bothering her. In any case I think it's probably best that whatever intervention you decide upon, make it at least appear as if she herself is the cure (ie. adolescents want power and adult-like responsibility. They probably won't appreciate somebody swooping in and saving the day or 'interfering' with their personal lives. Of course, being without experience, I could be totally off).

5:12 AM

  Anonymous Niqabi said...

Anonymous: errr...I'm sorry for my reply to your comment. I thought you were my cousin. But in any case you better reveal your identity:)

Arianuz: Oh...I just figured that 'arianuz' is your actual name. Interesting...:) I completely understand your feelings of unlove for your school. The dean is indeed, a moron. Jazakallah for the words:)


Hello back after a long time!
I guess my sister is a little mature for her age but I don't think its truly harmful. Any way, thanks for droppin by!

Uzer s. :

Well 12 year olds are supposed to be slightly less thoughtful than then the 14 year olds. But thats just a huge generalisation...people grow up in different ways. I know what you mean, though. I'll see how to go about it. I've made her a blog so that whatever it is, that she finds disturbing, is let out by way of writing. Your advise is much valued so thank you :)

6:18 AM


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