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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Lessons learnt.

Today I turned nineteen. I can never be 18, for the rest of my life. But on a more positive note, I have a whole life ahead of me, waiting for me, ready to be taken on in full swing. But if you come to think of it, years have little significance. 16, 17, 18, 19...they're all fleeting guests. Just a number, changes every year! Its the events and moments that you always cherish. I've had my fair share of wonderful memories and I'm glad. There's something celestial about being with genuine people; people who actually care. Maybe celestial seems too out of context here but thats exactly what I mean. The time spent then is eternal in some odd way. Its like a video on shuffle. It goes over and over again in your mind and you never get tired. Its a moment of bliss which becomes sweeter as the memory recedes into history. Probably I'll never be able to explain this in words well but that doesn't matter. If its something you can hold onto in times of distress and learn from, then thats what counts. Through the course of my seemingly orderly and uninterrupted life, I have learnt quite a bit. Happiness is something that has to be found. It will not, I repeat not, I repeat again not, crawl to you, or for that matter drive to you. It'll always stay put, hidden behind the smallest of actions, words, gestures, glances and even frowns. There are people out there who walk around with shadows of tragedies and yet you never see them without a smile. They have every reason on earth to be depressed, hurt or sad and yet they decide to keep up their hopes high. Its not that they don't care enough, they just make a positive choice. I know from experience and otherwise, that one can never have enough of anything. This goes out for practically everything. Human beings can't achieve excellence, perfection, pinnacle of success; there will always be room for improvement. So aiming for something you are not designed to have, is common but problematic, to say the least. I'm not implying any sense of failure or discouragement here. My point is...play along. One must learn to let go. Sometimes you're so blinded by your own love, that you just can't disgest the fact of someone not loving you back. Your own intensely powerful love for someone cannot, in any way, be an assurity of reciprocation. If someone's been only vageuly in love, they'll know what I mean.

Although this has got nothing to do with me turning nineteen today, lol. I felt like telling something that I've concluded. Its very important for one to be happy. Because happiness can do wonders for the soul. It can bring out the best in you, the good in you, the original in you. And its not a winning-an-award or getting-an-iPod kind of happiness. Because that one doesn't last. Its more like a drug, works on for a few hours, maybe couple of days but eventually it wears off. I'm talking about the everyday happiness, one that you feel on a daily basis. It has to be achieved, every time. And its only when you're hopeful and positive that you get to enjoy. I'm yet to hear about someone who's distressed, gloomy but happy. Its in our mental framework, how we decide to bolt the attitude. If we can learn to take life less seriously and move on, it'll save us alot of mental trouble. Its just too short and fast to be wasted. You know...opportunities are going to pop up all your life. They'll show up, every now and then and if you've truly put your heart into staying hopeful, you can avail them too. You just will, because Allah never disappoints.

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Blogger Suleman said...

Happy Birthday. :)

Many happy returns of the day inshaAllah. and u be blessed with everything u ever wished for.

I liked you post. I mean, I'll have to say your expression is very good mashaAllah. :) and I so agree to all the points you made. :) A great philisopher making. Keep it up.

5:08 AM

  Blogger Suleman said...

* A great philosopher in making

5:09 AM

  Blogger Niqabi said...

Jazakallah for the wonderful duas and the appreciation :D

11:44 AM

  Blogger mayya said...

Happy belated birthday :)

12:11 PM

  Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

Belated Happy Birthday to You...i know im kinda late in wishing ya but i was outa city so wasn't able to do so on time:$
one thing which always strikes me are the thoughts which do seem to be "synchornized" with mine...yeah that's right there are so many things that seem to like exact thoughts of mine:)
for instance...your thoughts related with happiness...about trouble free life & so many other things...buttering apart but there are many thoughts which can be named as similar:)
i hope that your birthday day went good!

8:28 AM

  Blogger Zab said...

lots of love and all the best for the new year

1:07 PM

  Blogger Aya said...

Happy Belated B'day!
Loved the post!

6:14 PM

  Blogger Izzy said...


You don't know me, and I don't know you. I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago, and have been too lazy to check back. I was a bit down in the dumps today so I decided to see what wisdom other people in the world had to offer to me today.

The last part of your first paragraph stunned me into realizing that maybe I truly don't have a reason to be feeling this way. I am usually one of those people you described, never seen without a smile. And yet today, the world got a bit too heavy.

This is not what I solely came to say, I'd like to thank you for the reminder. Sometimes that's all a person needs. Wisdom does come with age, but you've superceded most of us.

Keep up the great thinking. Someone has to help keep the balance of optimism over pessimism.

Again, I thank you.

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday.

11:18 AM


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